September 11, 2001

August 29, 2005

October 29, 2012

December 14, 2012

…four infamous dates in the recent history of our nation. Four catastrophes, both natural and man-made, that will never be forgotten. If you asked yourself what these four dates have in common, you would quickly think of death, destruction, chaos, and desperation.


But what if—through 9/11, two devastating storms, and the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School—there was a common thread leading somewhere good? Something that would get you thinking of life, creation, meaning and hope?


This is one man’s story of connecting those dots. In starting The Sandy Ground Project, Bill Lavin sought the blessing of 26 families in an effort to rebuild hope after some of America’s darkest hours. It was a mission that all of his experiences in life, both personally and professionally, had been preparing him for.


Building 26 playgrounds in 26 storm-ravaged communities in honor of 26 angels taken too soon… This was the big idea. How could such an undertaking possibly come together? 


As Bill will tell you, the angels did all of the work.