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Our Mission

To create joyful places to play. To provide hope, recovery, and a return to family values in the wake of senseless violence and tragedy.

“These parks stand for Hope and Recovery.” ~ Bill Lavin

So many have expressed their thanks to the Where Angels Play Foundation for the many playgrounds we’ve built throughout the years.  In truth, we believe that we are the ones who are thankful for this unique opportunity to honor so many amazing people, families and memories.

With each playground, we’re blessed to be supported by wonderful communities.  Our “Angels Army” grows and allows us to continue to pay it forward, bringing hope and recovery to communities throughout the nation.  To date, we have 30 playgrounds built and with all the support growing behind our mission, we do not plan on slowing down.  We are committed to a message that love and joy will overcome difficult times.

“This is where we can learn to be happy again.”

~ Jenny Hubbard, mother of Catherine Hubbard

Your gift in any amount will have a tremendous impact.